Hi, I haven’t been keeping up the blog partly because things are going so well for me. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness and/or are taking psychiatric medication and stumbled across this blog take heart, you can recover. Your life can be fun, productive, calm…whatever consider as good. You can also wean off psychiatric drugs.

I started this blog to share my experience with others. I am at a good place in my life. I still am not ready to go public and I have other projects where I need to spend time. So I will not be posting as regularly.


I’m taking the challenge to write my memoir. I see that Gianna Kali is still keeping her blog up. Now it is Beyond Meds and she is using her real name, Monica Cassani and is still blogging. I’m too chicken to go public with my real name.

My daughter prepares healthy foods for me to take to work so that I am not tempted to grab junk food.

My daughter prepares healthy foods for me to take to work so that I am not tempted to grab junk food.

Every week my daughter prepares lunches for me to take to work.

Tonight she is making humus wraps for me. She is using Romaine lettuce for a wrap. If it was a tortilla it would problem have gluten, prepared with the lettuce as the wrap they are gluten-free.

She says gluten is not good for people who are pre-diabetic. She says that gluten affects brain chemicals. And that their can be a tie in depress. Gluten affects the gut and that’s where all the hormones are made. That can affect your mood and how you feel.

Everything in the wrap she is prepping is an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are important because they help rid your body of free radicals which can damage cells. And anti oxidants help cleans the body of toxins.

Free radical damage can cause cancer.

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • hummus
  • onion
  • green or red pepper
  • alf alfa sprouts
  • avocado

Well, here it is Nov. 2014! My husband and I are doing very well. In 2008 I was doing most of the cooking to make sure we were eating healthy food. Food good for our brains. Now, he is doing most of the cooking for me. He doesn’t pay much attention to whether or not the food is organic, but he does include lots of vegetables.  We went a couple years without really taking any drugs. But recently we had some changes. He got a new job … so I was careful to give us both vitamins, natural sleeping aids and very small dosages of Lithium. You can purchase small does of Lithium over-the-counter. I think we are home free now, as far as staying stable, but I wanted to make sure the changes didn’t upset our stability.

It’s now the day before Thanksgiving 2014. I am thankful that i have been successfully weaned of psych drugs for many years now. I’m working on a first draft of a book about my journey.

I retired nurse wrote a letter to the editor to say that she thinks the side-effects of the psych-drugs should be looked at when looking at all the gun violence. She cited all the side-effects of these drugs. She added that people needed to turn to Jesus.

Now people are focusing ont he turn to Jesus aspect and not hearing what she has to see about side-effect. They say she is marginalizing mentally ill people. I wish she would have left the “turn to Jesus” out of her letter.

Sometimes I’d like to write what I really think, but who would believe me?

Why would I want to write what I really think? Who cares. Do I care if others have to suffer the way I did.

Hi, I haven’t blogged in so long that I forgot my username and password, but I finally figure ti out.


So much to tell, so little people to trust.

I don’t think I’ve posted much about my decision to eat vegan. I’ve done it for a few months now. I do believe I feel better.
We recently went on a holiday and I was able to find vegan food wherever I went. Sometimes it was a matter of asking for it.




I’ve weaned of a multitude of psych drugs.

Well now I’m on two drugs for high blood pressure. I didnt’ want to take the drugs, but I feared that I would have a stroke or heart attack if I didn’t do something.

I have a high stress job, but I had high blood pressure even before I started my high stress job. I flirted with quitting my job, but I do enjoy the role I play and my boss is very happy with me.

The medications I take are: Atenolol 25 mg once a day and enalapril I had been taking 20 mg a day, but now my doctor wants me to up it to 40 mg.

Well, I have been so tired lately. I thought it might be stress of my job. I used to be tired before I started the medication. I also am a little chunky in weight and I eat totally vegan.

I was vegetarin for 4 years and after I started eating no animal products I felt so much better.  But that seems to have worn off now.

I go to bed at a decent time and wake up naturally. Today I began to wonder if i was tired because of the medications I am taking for high blood pressure. Wouldn’t that be ironic! I weaned off all those psych drugs because them were making me tired and fat and now I’m back on drugs that do the same thing.

I live in a new town and this doctor doesn’t really know much about my psych history. I started seeing him before the days of electronic records.

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