The best way to stay in control of your diet, Weight Watchers, organic, or otherwise is too plan ahead.

Two days ago, I decided to go to an event which included a potluck. I didn’t make supper for my dear hubby. Now I want you to know that I am not that much of a traditional girl. I believe in equal rights. But lately, I have been the one responsible for preparing the meals. When I don’t, hubby doesn’t eat right.

Well, I asked him, “If I go to this will you eat right?” He assured me he would. But the truth was that he did not. Now I don’t mean to be over-bearing. I am not forcing him to do things my way. But I have found that if I prepare a good meal, he is not tempted to eat junk. (By good I mean natural and/or organic food, and within our Weight Watchers guidelines.)

So for two days I didn’t plan ahead. One day, on a trip out of town he ate a whole bag of Dorritos. He got so hungry he just couldn’t take it. Now he can eat whatever he wants, but if I would have packed him a good lunch, he might have purchased a smaller bag of chips.

And he still counting his Points(R) for that day. Whatever you do, count your points. This keeps you in control.

Yesterday, I had another event I wanted to attend. I choose to stay home and make a good meal. I showed up to the event late. But at least I ate well….as did my hubby.

It seems strange for me, a feminist, to be writing the above. But we are in this life together, holding each other up.

Hubby also likes it when I put together his supplements at night. Often times I also make him a cup of tea. I think it makes him feel loved.