I began to think about my posts on disposing of meds. I hope you feel it is valuable information. I would recommend that you not throw away the anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, or any drug that has the potential to help you through a stressful or potential “manic” period.

Recently I helped my cousin through a rough patch. He was spiraling into what is traditionally considered a mania. He had some old meds from a few years ago. He had been fine for several years. His alternative doc said that his old meds would be okay. He ended up taking some Zyprexa from an old bottle. If you don’t have insurance each one of those pills was worth $11.90.

I would throw out Prozac and any similar anti-depressant. But the anti-psychotics and anti-anxiety drugs could help you through a rough patch. This is how these drugs should be prescribed; not for the rest of your life, but to help you through a stressful time.

He only took the drugs long enough to get himself stabilized and worked closely  with an M.D. Remember, find a professional who believes in alternative medicine. Don’t try to do go it alone.

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