I thought people might be curious on how on how Watcher Watcher’s is going for me. Last year I would attend meetings, but not write down what I ate or count up my points. I was just doing it half-baked.

As some of you unfortunately know, many of these psych drugs can cause weight gain.  I never really had a problem with weight before I took Zyprexa.  I did get down to a good weight about three years ago.

I know the system works because I used it a couple years ago and made my goal. For me the trick is to honestly measure the food, write down the name of the food and the number of points.  

This is the beginning of my third week. Two weeks ago I was so disappointed because I only lost 0.4 pounds…not quite one-half. I felt like I had really tried. But the truth was that I only tried for the last three days of the week.

This time when I went to weigh in I had lost 2.2 pounds. Yay!  I followed my own rules this time. (Well, they are really Weigh Watcher’s rules.) I wrote down everything I ate.

I have been really busy lately. It was so tempting to not go to the meeting. Especially when I phoned a client 45 minutes before the meeting and the client needed something pronto. When he asked if I could do it, I said, “I will see what I can do.”

“Oh dear,” I thought. Here I am giving hubby a lecture about doing Weight Watchers the right way, (Going to meetings, measuring food and writing down the points.) Hubby says he is so busy and doesn’t have time for meetings. And now here I am thinking about skipping a meeting.

Well, I rushed through the project, emailed the results to the client and jumped into the car. I was late for the meeting and the weigh in. But I did get there. I did get weighed and I did listen to the the talk.  And ….I got pleasant news of losing over two pounds.