Check for this label at your coffeeshop

The other day I felt like crap. I decided I missed my coffee.

(Read about that day here.)

I was in the store filling my bag with whole coffee beans when a voice sneaked up behind me and said, “Haven’t you given that stuff up!”  I jumped a foot. You see, I really am a coffee addict and I was looking forward to my next fix.

The voice belonged to my doctor. I had been caught. He asked me questions like, “Do you take those beans home and grind them?” Yes I do. And I love it.

I told him it was my only vice. He replied that he had many vices.

He told me that if I wanted to wean off caffeine I should try L-Tryosine.

Here are a couple links that support his statement:

Read about withdrawal comfort.

Here is the link on caffeine and addiction

As for now, this Naturalgal will be purchasing Fair Trade beans, taking them home and grinding them in the morning for a fresh brew cup of hot steaming aromatic coffee.

So now I have some information about how to kick the habit when I decide it is time. 

I recommend Swanson’s Health Products. Here is their link to L-Tyrosine

Read more about Fair Trade certification here.