Yesterday was scale day with our Weight Watchers routine. It is so tempting to skip meetings because what you learn is common sense and we could weigh at home. But for some reason if you go to the meetings and write down what you eat, you lose weight. If you don’t go, and don’t keep track what you put in your mouth, you don’t lose. 

Since I try to be organic, we don’t go out to eat very often. But this last week we went out to eat three times. The first place I ordered a salad with chicken, the second place was homemade lasagna and a V-8 and the third place was another salad with apples and chicken.

I really don’t like eating meat at restaurants. I tried to he free range, natural meat. But hubby really wanted to and wanted my company.So I compromised my values. The lasagna was vegetarian and I think chicken is less fattening and has less antibiotics and hormones that beef. I haven’t research that though. Hubby did have hamburger, but he choose the side salads instead of the french fries. 

We even went to the movies and didn’t order any popcorn or pop. And we enjoyed the movie. We watched a DVD movie at home and I made air popped popcorn…hubby wasn’t too excited about it. But in the long run it satisfied our needs to crunch something.

So even though we did give ourselves some “treats” of going out to restaurants we did lose. I lost 1.8 pounds, hubby lost 2.4 pounds.