Quick post for those who check blogs.

I am looking through old papers and receipts as I write about how I found my holistic doc.

For the time period just before I went to see him I have found receipts for Ambien, Valium, and Impriamine. I know I also relied on trail samples of Sequel for extreme anxiety. 

I also found a letter from the  Social Security Administration. Some of the anxiety I was experiencing was because Social Security sent me a letter out of the blue saying that I lost my last job because “many people lost their jobs when the company was purchased by ‘another’ company.”

This simply wasn’t true. I lost the job because I couldn’t think straight. I phoned my previous employer and he verified that A) I was terminated before their company was purchased by the new company; and B) No one lost his or her job because of the purchase.

I remember losing that job. It was heartbreaking. I had tried so hard. I confessed my diagnosis to my employer who thought that maybe if I found the right medication I might someday be able to perform better.

It is hard enough not being able to think straight. But when someone else is going over your history with a fine tooth comb AND gets it sooo wrong. It is doubly frustrating.