Your supplements have arrived.My box of supplements arrived yesterday. I use Swanson’s Vitamins because because my M.D. recommended them as reliable AND inexpensive.

Of course if you are lucky enough to have prescription coverage supplements are not covered. You have to pay for them out of pocket. For me this is totally worth every penny. In some ways when I say “lucky enough, ” I really mean “unlucky.” I am sure that my ex-husband’s excellent health insurance plan is what started me on my roller coaster of meds and madness. 

This box of freedom cost me $153.00. Swanson’s says that I saved a total of $248.40 off the retail prices.

I am expecting these to last two or three months for two people. 

I also ordered some treats. Like Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and a couple boxes of tea.

Some people are threatening to regulate the supplement industry. I have mixed feelings about it. I certainty don’t want to see Big Pharma get their hands on it.

You can learn more about this at the FDA site which talks about Codex.

I like to encourage local businesses. Sometimes if I don’t plan ahead I will purchase some supplements at the co-op, a major drug store chain or an independently run supplement store. I really like to purchase something at the independent store to encourage them.