Go Shine your sink.Shine your sink                    

Today I attended a farmers market. I purchased these pretty tulips for only 50 cents a piece.

I felt good after visiting with the people at the market. I remembered when I had had such terrible problems with depression. For me, getting out and talking always made me feel better. I remember as a young woman I had terrible problems with being alone. I always feel better when I was among others. I have read that this is one of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder. Although I have never seen it written down on my chart, I have been told be some of my counselors in the past that they have seen this diagnosis in the notes.

It is an awlful feeling to have been left alone. I have also heard that this disorder burns itself out once people get into the forties and fifties. Hmmm, what could that be about. Maybe people are finally learning how to cope? Or is it a biochemical thing that runs its course?

Anyway, if you have problems beeing blue or feeling abondoned, get out of the house. Find a farmers market and purchase some locally grown food, flowers or other goods. You will meet the person who actually produced the good and establish a relationship if your return. It builds community, the local economy and I’m willing to bet you will feel just a little better.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to sink your sink!

The first thing you need to do to cut down on stress is to have a clean orderly house. This might take awhile. Start by  shining your sink. Once you start doing this you will start to run  run on automatic pilot.

It took me two years, but now I make my bed right away every morning…and I hate mornings.

 Visit Flylady to learn how to get started.

If you are depressed and can get anything done. Try to at least make your bed and shine your sink.

Shining your sink will give you a sense of accomplishment.

A swish and a swipe of the bathroom sink every morning will keep it clean. After that…no more scrubbing yeah!!!