I’m really busy today, but I thought I would post about what I did to keep my head above water.

My place used be so messy that I couldn’t have anyone over and I lost important documents.

Here are the steps I took today to relieve stress.

  • Up and made coffee.
  • Checked email.  (Highly dangerous, …could get sucked into a black hole of lost time. Jumped off as soon as hubby got up.)
  • Made the bed.
  • Made hubby’s lunch; gave him his supplements.
  • Ate breakfast with husband. Checked email. (Warning could get sucked into a black hole of lost time. Set a timer for 15 minutes.)
  • Got dressed to shoes.
  • Walked the dog. (Always see someone I know and say, “Hi.”
  • Shined the bathroom sink and swiped the base of toilet and surrounding floor. Filled the sink to soak breakfast dishes.

Now I can start my day.

P.S. I pay a lady to help me organize. She will help with the mail, bills and gives tips or assists with cleaning. This is worth more than most of the therapists I have had. I know many of you can’t afford  this…but I do believe I would still pay her even if I lost my hubby’s income and was in poverty. She keeps me sane.