Jazz in Pieces awarded the “Flower-Smeller” to me. Currently she is writing about journaling and how writing can help you heal. Visit her blog and check it out.

Here is an explantion of the award: “This badge serves to acknowledge others who are, in their own way, smelling the flowers. They maybe regular visitors to this blog, one of our founders blogs or someone that could contribute here who is yet to visit! Maybe they have recovered from an illness, written a book, made waves in the blogosphere, won the lottery, made a major shift in their life, won promotion, quit the rat race, raising a family, discovering their greatness and on it GO!s as more examples from around the world start to surface. They may not even have an online presence at all – that’s where this award differs!”

The following are others mental health wellness/reovery bloggers who were bestowed the award from Jazz along with me. They  have become my newfound friends. Visit their blogs and see what they have to say about recovering from mental illness.

Bipolar Wellness Writer

Bipolar Journey

Superlative in All Things

Tilting at Windmills