Only eat food that will rot or spoil

Take care of your body

but eat them before the do

Hubby went to see the Chiropractor the other day. He came home with a handout that we taped to the refrigerator.

I will post this as three separate posts.

It is so great to see the Chiropractor and our alternative mental health doc independently agreeing with each other. You know I was raised to be prejudiced against chiropractors. But when I was in pain a few years ago, I visited one. I brought this prejudice up to the current chiropractor that we see. He filled me on the history of an AMA (American Medical Association) group “the Committee Against Quackery.” He said the the AMA had tried to get the chiropractors under their umbrella and was actually a “spurned lover.” I found this fascinating and told my family of origin, who who hardily bought into the committees ideas, about the history of this.

So now, onto the first recommendation:


  • Beef, lamb chicken turkey (free range if possible)
  • Ocean caught fish
  • Eggs (cage, hormone free)
  • All vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, Brussel sports, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, collards, Swiss chard
  • Avocados
  • All fresh fruits


  • potato chips
  • donuts
  • pastries
  • soda
  • cookies
  • margarine
  • processed cheese
  • commercial cereals
  • commercial breads
  • fast food restaurants