Today, I will continue relating to you the suggestions by my chiropractor. If you are a regular reader of my blog, I am sure you know that I feel grateful to the M.D. who turned me onto supplements. It was so cool to find a chiropractor who also verified what I had learned from my alternative M.D.

For three posts prior to yesterday, I posted on “Food For Life,” which included, “Only eat food that will rot or spoil,“Only eat foods that are processed they way they were 100 years ago,” and “Eat lots of color.”

The last section in this series is “Five primary reasons to supplement:

  • To correct nutrient deficiencies and/or make up for poor dietary choices.
    • Modern diets are devoid of adequate daily nutritional requirements.
    • Nutrient deficiencies make us prone to infections, obesity and disease.
    • Supplementation helps to overcome the negative effects of poor eating habits.
  • Your supplements have arrived.
  • To replenish what is missing in your foods (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flora and antioxidants.)
    • Deplete soils, pesticides and refining processes lower nutrient content in food.
    • Processing, transporting and storing foods reduce nutrient content even further.
    • Supplementing with high quality plant enzymes and whole food vitamins can help to replace the vitals nutrients your body needs.
  • To provide your body with the nutrition necessary to combat today’s environmental stresses.
    • Inadequate chemical disposal and environmental waste increases health stress.
    • Chemically treated food can lead to disease and premature aging.
    • Increased electromagnetic fields (e.g. microwaves,cellular phones, computers, etc.) can weaken the immune system.
    • Supplementation with antioxidants gives you ammunition to fight back.
  • To meet the higher nutritional needs of today’s lifestyle
    • The rigors of stress compromise bodily function and can deplete vital nutrients.
    • The use of oral contraceptives, heavy exercise, alcohol consumption, certain drugs, pregnancy and lactation, and other activities in today’s busy lifestyles increase the level of stress.
    • Supplementation can help to overcome nutrient depletion from lifestyles stress.
  • To decrease your risk of chronic disease and reduce health care costs.
    • degenerative disease comprise the top four causes of death in America.
    • Supplementation an help to overcome nutrient depletion from lifestyles stress, decrease the risk of chronic disease, and significantly reduce health cost.

    Whether you need to correct a deficiency, want to improve your health and of disease, Once your examine the facts, the question is no longer, “Why supplement?” but rather, “Why wouldn’t you supplement?” Whether you need to correct a deficiency, want to improve your health and nutritional status, want to make up for a poor diet plus a stressful lifestyle or want to reduce the risk of a disease, supplementation is crucial. Nutritional supplementation can provide nutrient enrichment, improve digestion and help with detoxification. You will fell healthier, more energetic when you take supplements, plus supplements can help increase overall fitness and well-being, improve the quality of your life, protect against premature aging and support your immune system.

I take a cocktail of supplements, I believe it keeps me sane. If I was in a hurry and had to run out of the house with only three bottles I would take:

  1. Fish oil of Omega 3 fatty acids
  2. GABA
  3. Multivitamin

If you use supplements, please share with me which three bottles of supplements you would grab if you had to leave in a hurry and were only allowed three.

Thanks, and happy supplementing!