Do you like your email? Has it helped you recover from mental illness? Do you find lots of support from kindred souls?

How would it make you feel that to know that the government can legally read everyone of your emails?

Currently, the government already has looked at thousands of Americans’ emails, but it was an illegal act. Lots of the telecom companies gave access to United States citizens private communications because they were told to by the president. That is not right. He needs to have a warrant.

Maybe today, they are NOT after you, they are after someone else. Next year it might be you, you might not be taking your meds. Or maybe you are planning a way out of hospitalization.

I have phone my representatives and my senators previously. It is NOT hard to do, yet each time I get a little nervous. The staff person who answers the phone is always polite. It is his or her job to answer the phone and record your feelings on matter before congress, especially if you are from their district.

I have actually been to Washington, D.C. two time to speak to both my senators and my representatives on other matters. Believe me, they want to hear from you.

Unfortunately H R 6304 the Hoyer/Bush FISA BILL passed last week. NOW, TODAY, phone your senators and tell them you oppose this bill, please don’t let this bill pass because you were too tired, busy or shy to phone or senator.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) compromise.

It appears likely that individuals believing their rights were violated by ISPs during anti-terrorism investigations, will not have much recourse against them after a sweeping House vote Friday. Read more FISA Deal Struck for Telecom Companies here

When you call

When you call, say something like this:

I am a constituent calling about H.R. 6304, the Hoyer/Bush FISA bill that just passed the House of Representatives. I urge you to vote “NO” because:

1. The Hoyer/Bush FISA bill allows for mass and untargeted surveillance of Americans’ communications.
2. The Hoyer/Bush FISA bill contains blanket immunity. It basically guarantees lawsuits against telecom companies will be dismissed. Ongoing lawsuits may be our last best hope of exposing the extent of illegal spying.
3. If leadership will not lead, it is the responsibility of every lawmaker to lead on this issue. You need to do what your constituents and the American people demand. Bowing to pressure from Republicans, the White House, the telecommunications companies and even Democratic leaders is unacceptable.

You may also email or write.

How to find your senator click here.

And another site for both house and senate here.

Phone Nancy Pelosi and leave a message at (202) 2254965.

Phone Congressman Hoyer’s offices 202 225 4131 and let them know you are not happy that this bill passed.

You go ahead and call, don’t be shy, I just phoned. Everyone was very polite.