Cruciferous vegetables help fight cancer

Cruciferous vegetables help fight cancer

I just set my timer for 10 minutes and worked on clearing paper off my table. I had gotten so engrossed in other chores that I let it become swamped with papers. Anyway, one of the biggest problems to side-tracked housekeepers is reading papers they are supposed to be pitching in the garbage or filing. (Actually, I don’t pitch paper in the garbage, I shred my papers and give them to a chicken farmer at the farmers market who uses them for bedding.)

I decided to read one newsletter. It was said that cauliflower, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetable may help fight cancer. It quoted a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which involved 6,000 Chinese women, and found that those who ate locally common calciferous vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage and white turnips, had a lower breast cancer risk after menopause.

Before I started blogging, I hadn’t even heard the term cruciferous.

In another part of the newsletter, “Ask the Pharmacist” some one asked why there are more and more television ads for prescription drugs directed at “me”.

The answer in the newsletter?….To get you to buy their product. Well, that is entirely true. But what they didn’t touch was that it wasn’t too many years ago that it was considered improper to advertise directly to the “consumer.” It wasn’t that long ago that the medical profession put themselves above that.

Okay, I can finally see the top of my table, and I did wait until my timer went off to post this.

So I learned something, posted something….and did a little straightening up.

I will get my place looking good….a little bit at at time. Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I will have a cleared off table graced with a bouquet of flowers from the farmers market. There will be no marathons for me. Just gradualness.

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