Strange pingbacks and links.

I know we must all get spam links, but is anyone getting linked to another blog….only they always attribute your link to another name. I quite frequently get linked to

I check my  Akismet spam and these links show up…but when I go them my work is attributed to strange names:  Articles Blog,  North Country Gazette, Fit For Health Guide, Pregnancy Calendar Signs Welcomes All The New, Pro Dosi

There is another site, is also reposting other people’s work.

I can’t seem to find a contact or an about page. Do you suppose it is a “bot” doing this. I wouldn’t mind if they were sometime part of the discussion like other who post links to me…but it doesn’t make any sense..

Go visit it and see if you recognize your stuff….I haven’t recognized anyone who I usually read being reposted. I just wish they would use my real title and I wonder if it is a money making thing for them.