Fresh lettuce from our garden

Fresh lettuce from our garden

Today, we picked our first lettuce from our garden. It looks pretty good here. Our garden is really pretty pathetic. Maybe next year we will do a better job.

Today my hubby said he doesn’t really agree with organic eating. It is a constant battle. I know I am better since I:

  1. Started taking supplements
  2. Weaned of meds
  3. Eat almost all organic

We “argue” about benefits of organic food quite a bit. It gets very tiring. I told him, “I don’t want to jinx a good thing. All I know is I have given up meds, take supplements and have gone organic; and I am well.”

The tag line of my blog is: ” A journey away from medication and into healthy eating to stay sane.”

He gets frustrated with me because there are only about three restaurants that we can both eat at. And he thinks I spent way to much money on organic food. But along with my new lifestyle is a reduced consumption on consumer goods. I hardly drive, I dress very nicely but get all my clothes second- hand, I am driving the same car that I drove (used) ten years ago.

It bugs me that he gets irritated by the price of organic food, but can not see that I have reduced spending in other areas to compensate for this.

Do you have a spouse or significant other who is not on-board with your eating plan to get well?