I started writing this a continuation in the comment section, but decided it could be a post. Susan of Wellness Writer suggested that I compromise my organic eating habits and I said that I would not, but……

Well, actually I do compromise, but now it is not difficult because he has changed what he buys. The only way I could get him to do that was do show him I was serious by not compromising in the beginning.

So after I wrote the above post, I looked to see what he purchased…………..no junk food expect some Shasta soda pop!!!…and listen to his logic, he purchased four cans of this brand so that he wouldn’t have to get a 12 pack or a two liter bottle because he knew we would drink it all up as soon as we could.

He also purchased an apple pie, Sicilian focaccia flatbread (I ‘m sure this is loaded with salt), unsalted tops soda crackers, powder skim milk, unsalted butter, cheese and bananas. So he is mindful of my need for load salt items.

Last night I ate half a slice of apple pie, but it really wasn’t that good, so I am glad I only had half.  (Last year before we started Weight Watchers I used to buy organic apple pies from the co-op…they were expensive…but boy, they sure were tasty. I am sure that contributed to weight gain.)

So I compromise a bit….but hey, the name of my blog is “Naturalgal.” I need to practice what I preach, I can’t be a liar and eat unnatural stuff.

PS yesterday when my hubby was looking for spot to put some “junk” he found some chocolate cookie treats…made with those chow mien noodles that I must have hidden around Christmastime. We ate them all…they were still good….so I am sure there was quite a bit of preservatives in those.