Check for this label at your coffeeshop

I love my morning coffee. I used to love it all day long. My husband said that I used to know where every coffee-pot in town was located, and traveled from coffee-pot to coffee-pot.


I had weaned myself down to only one cup in the morning.  We still have the coffee pot that makes about 12 cups (The one that made only two cups broke a few months ago.) Anyway, my husband gets up in the morning (he is an early bird and I am a night-owl) and he brings a cup of coffee to me while I am still in bed. I like this routine, but he has slowly added more and more grounds to the coffee-pot, making stronger and stronger coffee. I talked to him about this and yesterday he was careful to measure the grounds and make two cups of “normal” coffee. (I love coffee and many people think that mean I like STRONG coffee…but I don’t, I like it mild and smooth maybe even weak.)

So, when he measured it out and I drank the mild coffee…..I got a blazing headache around 10:00 a.m., which means I was going through caffeine withdrawl.

Cutting back on coffee is easy, I’ve done it many times.

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