I feel like I should post something. I feel so normal even though I was upset about a few things today. It is normal to be upset about the things that were bothering me.

I feel like I have succeeded in living a normal life off meds. I have a great part time job that I love. I don’t know if I would crack if I worked full time. I think I am normal, but I am not sure. I revealed my history to someone in in this town today. I think maybe that was a mistake. It has always backfired on me in the past.

I write a lot about food, but I am not a foodie. Tonight I made stir fry chicken, rice and a spinach salad. Everything was organic…oh yeah, we had organic low fat milk and organic cranberry juice too. Our treat was Jules Coffee Ice Cream.

I don’t feel like I am on the “same page” as anyone though. It is really frustrating. I think I have succeeded in “passing.” I am “passing” as normal. People on the Internet are almost the only people I can talk to about this.