The power of music and dance……

Have you seen this Youtube of the dancing prisoners? It is amazing! The groomsmen dancing at the wedding are pretty cool too.  In the U.S. we dope our prisoners up with psychotropic medication.

Something to make you smile:



These are Philippino prisoners dancing. It from Byron F Garcia’s   Youtube site

He says:

There are sick people who think that dancing is a form of cruel punishment! Since when was dancing categorized as punishment? My fellow citizens of the world, CRUEL and VIOLENT forms of punishment are a thing of the past. If we make jails a living hell for the prisoners, then, we might just be sending out devils once they are released and re-integrated to society. To all “non-believers” of humane treatment of prisoners, and , to all “haters” of our NON-VIOLENT APPROACH TO REHABILITATION all i can say is …GET A LIFE!