Medication Madness by Peter Breggin,

Medication Madness by Peter Breggin,

Hi folks,

I feel kinda bad as I have not been able to post many of the things that are happening with me because I am busy. I have posts planned about reaching my Weight Watchers goal, Peter Breggin’s new book, Medication Madness, and, unfortunately, my doctor’s decision to “retire” or stop working with patients.

I saw him yesterday and he told me he is retiring from practice so that he can become more outspoken about his beliefs. As it is now, he feels his license is threatened when he speaks out. If he doesn’t have an active patient load he will feel more comfortable exposing the truth with the threat of a lawsuit. Breggin has been sued many times by people who are threaten by his work.

He told me he had even talked on the phone with Peter Breggin the morning that I visited him!!!

I am trying hard to be “gainfully” employed. So I need to skedaddle, but I hope to write more about the above issues soon.