I was raised to have the upmost respect for the medical profession, the M.D.’s that is. I was taught not to trust chiropractors. I think one of the reasons I got so suckered into the biochemical-imbalance-you need-medication-theory was because of my family’s professional background. My mom would tell me horror stories of what chiropractors had done to patients.

BUT, if you have enough pain, you will try anything. Five years ago I tried a chiropractor.

No time for the details on that. But here is what I want to say, Last week I went to the chiropractor because the arch of my foot hurt. My friend said he could not believe that a woman with my family history didn’t want to go to a M.D. for this problem. While I was at the chiropractor’s office I mentioned that I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome in my hand…I had just deleted 8,000 emails. (I was so mad at myself, because I should have know that three days of repetitive clicking would cause problems.) The burning and numbness where not going away after a month.

The doc used low level cold laser therapy on my hand. That was a week ago. The burning has gone away. Today I went again. I will keep you posted on this. Doc cited several studies with auto-workers in which the cold laser therapy worked significantly . Here is just one study.