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Apples rippen in autumn

Apples ripen in autumn

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I love the colors, the hot days and cold nights. For many who have gardens or farms, it is a time of hard work. Harvesting day and night, or canning your crop.

Some people who have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) experience more problems in the autumn because of the shortening of the days…but not me. I love autumn.

Today, I am going to talk about apples. What exactly do apples have that is good for your body and brain?

Thomas Shea, lead researcher and a professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell says that the synergistic effect of the combination of super-antioxidants called quercetins and catechins helps protect our cells from oxidative damage.

A study at the University of California at Davis showed that eating apples appears to lower the risk of many chronic diseases, including heart disease and stroke, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and asthma.

Mice who drank an unlimited amount of apple juice showed a significant increase in memory.

Apples are also full of fiber. Twice as much as peaches, grapes and grapefruit. If you are doing the Weight Watchers plan like I am, you want to eat the foods with more fiber because they are lower in points. The Weight Watchers website says of apples, ” One average-sized apple has about four grams of fiber in it, as much as a serving of many whole-grain cereals. They also contain pectin, which may help to lower cholesterol and make you feel full longer. Medium-sized apples have about 80 calories each.”

Research has shown that people who ate one apple a day lost more weight than people who did not eat an apple a day.

So go ahead, when you are feeling hungry reach for an apple. If you still want a little treat,  cut them up and measure out a very small amount of peanut butter or cheese to eat with it. You will end up feeling full, get the fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. Remember to eat your apple raw, and eat the peels to get the most benefit.

Not all apples are created equal. Here is a link to the vitamin C content of different varies of apples from

For more information read Always in Season, An Apple a Day on the website.

Dairy Queens are fun to eat.

Dairy Queens are fun to eat.

I try to eat only natural and/or organic food. But I love Dairy Queens. I like them so much that I don’t even really want to know what ingredients are used to make them.  I don’t eat them very often because I want to stay organic…and I am on Weight Watchers, but the other day I did eat one. I asked the worker for nutritional information. She gave me a brochure.

 Here is what it said:

Dairy Queen soft serve is a delicious reduced-fat ice cream containing the following ingredients:

milkfat and nonfatmilk, sugar, corn syrup, whey, mono and diglycerides, artificial flavor, guar gum, polysorbate 80, carrageenan and a vitamin A palmitate.

For those of you who are not worried about whether or not it is organic, there is a great nutrition & exchange guide at the Dairy Queen website and the brochure that they hand out.   The guide based upon the  food exchange system used by the American Diabetes Associations. They also have some outlets that serve gluten free foods.

If you live in New Jersey or Illinois…they use more butterfat….hmmmm….actually sounds better for taste and avoiding additives!

 I ALWAYS order the small. I satisfy my craving and don’t blow my diet.

How about you?Do you try to eat organic….and if do follow an organic diet, what treats do you bend the rules for?


Do you have a job?  How do you take it when your boss says something disrespectful to you?  Do you feel like you have to take mean words because you need the job?

How about a spouse. How often does your spouse speak disrespectful to you?

How do you react when someone loses their temper and yells at you or uses mean words?

I really lose my respect for a person when they speak mean to me. I might not say anything, but if it continues two or three times….I no longer feel safe with them.

I am finding that my life is full of people who think they can treat me with disrespect.  I was thinking that maybe I was just oversensitive. But the other day an acquaintance of mine phoned me to speak about the last time we were together and the level of disrespect that was shown to me and how uncomfortable it made her and the other people in the room feel. 

My child says that I am a “mean-magnet.” It is like people look at me and say, “Oh, there is a woman I can speak harshly and with disrespect to, so I think I will.”

I am really tired of the disrespect shown to me. I feel trapped. I feel like if I speak out I will lose what I have worked so hard to achieve. 

Recently my daughter and I went to a psychic (which I don’t truly believe in…but…) and she slowly held both of her hands just above my heart and said…”I can feel a heaviness….a sadness in your heart.” Which is why I chose this photo…hands over the heart…protecting what comes in…and what comes out.

 I just said, “Yeah.” I know what it is. I just don’t know what to do about it.

Laser helps cell heal.

Laser helps cell heal.

I continue to visit the chiropractor for the carpel tunnel in my hand. We have used two different laser lights on my hand. This one has a different frequency the another one I posted about previously. Amazingly, my hand is getting better. There is still some numbness, but there is no pain. The numb area is getting smaller. This laser is the size of a large pen or magic marker. It is held about 1/2 inch from the area that is bothering me and moved continuously.

Little girl prays for her solider daddy

Is it hard for you to listen as others talk about the difficult time someone is having and how they have just started medication? It is really hard for me. I think, “Oh, boy…here we go…if his or her brain doesn’t have a chemical disorder now they certainly will by time the pill pushers get done with them.”

Today in church a woman asked for prayers for her daughter who was having a very difficult time dealing with her husband’s departure and stay in Iraq. He is in the national gaurd. That request was fine…appropriate…but when she added that her daughter was getting better, “She’s on medication now,” I thought I was going to puke.

When, pray tell, is a perfectly valid time to be distraught and worried? Certainly if there was ever a time, it is when your husband is sent off to a war. In fact, I would think if you didn’t feel a little distraught, disturbed and experience some sleep loss, then there is probably something wrong.

Many people, when the chips are down, go to their spiritual adviser for help. Many times that is a minister.

A real crappy minister can make you feel worse by suggesting your faith is not strong enough. But some of our best ministers, some of our better educated clergy…have now been taught to refer any “mental health” problems to a psychiatrist. What a quagmire because soon people with legitimate emotions and legitimate fears are medicated.

I have watched one man, who is extremely intelligent, but a little bit odd to begin with, be placed on more and more medication. And have his medication changed numerous times. Often times there will be an announcement in the prayer chain that he is back in the psych ward. Or that his medication is not working. We are asked to pray that the doctors find the right medication. I have seen the tears in his wife’s eyes.

It is so frustrating to watch this.

Once in a while I will email studies or stories about th the dangers of psychiatric medicine to key clergy. But I am pretty sure that they just don’t understand.

How about you? Did you ever go to a clergy person for help? What did they suggest? Was it helpful or hurtful?



I really don’t get out much…or should I say, participate in mainstream food choices. The other day I forgot to plan ahead. I didn’t bring my own lunch. I had nothing to drink or eat and I was out in the boonies. I need to fill up my vehicle with gas so when I went inside the gas station I asked if they had any bananas. No they did not. They said that if anyone wanted fruit they would go to a grocery store. I have noticed that many gas stations are now providing bananas, oranges and apples. I was even surprised to see green tea in a western state way out in the boonies. So I think the natural and good food is beginning to make its mark even at convenience stores and gas stations.

I refuse to purchase bottled water because of the negative impact of turning a natural resource into a commodity.  I believe should water be free or supported as a public utility. So, the other day I was left with not much of a choice. I choose a drink named Fuze.

I tried the peach mango flavor. Here are the ingredients:

Filtered water, crystalline fructose, skim milk, apple juice concentrate, natural flavor, sucrose, cream, lactic acid, pectin, citric acid, ascorbic acid, niacin, calcium pantothenate, vitamin e acetate, sucralose, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin a palimate, cyanacobalamin

Nutrition Facts:
serving size 8 fl oz; servings per container about 2; calories 90; fat 0g; sodium 15mg,; total carb 24g; sugars 22g; protein 0g; vitamin a 25%; vitamin c 50%; vitamin e 25%; calcium 10%; niacin 50%; vitamin b5 50%; vitamin b6 50%; vitamin b12 50%.

You can learn more about the nutrition of Fuze drinks here.

Of course I drank the whole bottle fairly quickly so you need to double that 90 calories to 180 calories per serving. I mean who do you really know who only drinks half a bottle? Also after joining Weight Watchers, I try not to “drink my points…but eat them.” For those of you not in Weight Watchers…thetr are lots of calories in juices and usually no fiber. But I considered this a “treat.”

My advice? If you are traveling whether it is a few days or a three hours. Think ahead. Bring something good to eat and drink along with you. And if you want to stop for a treat check the ingredients and choice something healthy.

So what do you do when you travel or commute? Do you bring your own lunch and drinks or do your purchase something along the way?

Today is September 2. Wow, the summer sure did disappear fast!

I am posting today feeling a little tired. I have gotten so much support from reading other people’s recovery blogs that I thought I better post something today. I am feeling bad that I am tired because mentally I am very happy. I forced myself to go swimming and canoeing with my family. I am glad I did. I used to love getting in the water, swimming and canoeing.

There are many things that I need to post about, like reaching goal with Weight Watchers, my continued striving to eat organic AND healthy, the status on my supplements.

I spent Labor Day weekend with relatives, but I was exhausted before I went to visit them.

I waited until I was off my meds for two years AND stable before I told any relatives what I had done. I thought they might freak out if the knew what I was doing ahead of time.

Do you have relatives that you discuss your “mental illness” or “wellness recovery”?

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