Today is September 2. Wow, the summer sure did disappear fast!

I am posting today feeling a little tired. I have gotten so much support from reading other people’s recovery blogs that I thought I better post something today. I am feeling bad that I am tired because mentally I am very happy. I forced myself to go swimming and canoeing with my family. I am glad I did. I used to love getting in the water, swimming and canoeing.

There are many things that I need to post about, like reaching goal with Weight Watchers, my continued striving to eat organic AND healthy, the status on my supplements.

I spent Labor Day weekend with relatives, but I was exhausted before I went to visit them.

I waited until I was off my meds for two years AND stable before I told any relatives what I had done. I thought they might freak out if the knew what I was doing ahead of time.

Do you have relatives that you discuss your “mental illness” or “wellness recovery”?