Little girl prays for her solider daddy

Is it hard for you to listen as others talk about the difficult time someone is having and how they have just started medication? It is really hard for me. I think, “Oh, boy…here we go…if his or her brain doesn’t have a chemical disorder now they certainly will by time the pill pushers get done with them.”

Today in church a woman asked for prayers for her daughter who was having a very difficult time dealing with her husband’s departure and stay in Iraq. He is in the national gaurd. That request was fine…appropriate…but when she added that her daughter was getting better, “She’s on medication now,” I thought I was going to puke.

When, pray tell, is a perfectly valid time to be distraught and worried? Certainly if there was ever a time, it is when your husband is sent off to a war. In fact, I would think if you didn’t feel a little distraught, disturbed and experience some sleep loss, then there is probably something wrong.

Many people, when the chips are down, go to their spiritual adviser for help. Many times that is a minister.

A real crappy minister can make you feel worse by suggesting your faith is not strong enough. But some of our best ministers, some of our better educated clergy…have now been taught to refer any “mental health” problems to a psychiatrist. What a quagmire because soon people with legitimate emotions and legitimate fears are medicated.

I have watched one man, who is extremely intelligent, but a little bit odd to begin with, be placed on more and more medication. And have his medication changed numerous times. Often times there will be an announcement in the prayer chain that he is back in the psych ward. Or that his medication is not working. We are asked to pray that the doctors find the right medication. I have seen the tears in his wife’s eyes.

It is so frustrating to watch this.

Once in a while I will email studies or stories about th the dangers of psychiatric medicine to key clergy. But I am pretty sure that they just don’t understand.

How about you? Did you ever go to a clergy person for help? What did they suggest? Was it helpful or hurtful?