Do you have a job?  How do you take it when your boss says something disrespectful to you?  Do you feel like you have to take mean words because you need the job?

How about a spouse. How often does your spouse speak disrespectful to you?

How do you react when someone loses their temper and yells at you or uses mean words?

I really lose my respect for a person when they speak mean to me. I might not say anything, but if it continues two or three times….I no longer feel safe with them.

I am finding that my life is full of people who think they can treat me with disrespect.  I was thinking that maybe I was just oversensitive. But the other day an acquaintance of mine phoned me to speak about the last time we were together and the level of disrespect that was shown to me and how uncomfortable it made her and the other people in the room feel. 

My child says that I am a “mean-magnet.” It is like people look at me and say, “Oh, there is a woman I can speak harshly and with disrespect to, so I think I will.”

I am really tired of the disrespect shown to me. I feel trapped. I feel like if I speak out I will lose what I have worked so hard to achieve. 

Recently my daughter and I went to a psychic (which I don’t truly believe in…but…) and she slowly held both of her hands just above my heart and said…”I can feel a heaviness….a sadness in your heart.” Which is why I chose this photo…hands over the heart…protecting what comes in…and what comes out.

 I just said, “Yeah.” I know what it is. I just don’t know what to do about it.