Yesterday I purchased plantain tincture for toenail fungus.  I had been unable to find it for a while, but I saw it yesterday and purchased it just to have on hand.

About three years ago I went to a farmers market and a person with a booth of herbal remedies recommended plantain for finger and toenail fungus.

I put a couple drops of the tincture on my toenails every night for several months. The fungus DID clear up. I was amazed.

Prior to that, I had asked my doctor at a publicly funded clinic if he would give me a prescription for the stuff that had been advertised on television. He said that stuff was very, very expensive AND hard on your kidneys and liver.  I am so glad he denied writing out that prescription. Just as with the medicines for psychiatric disorders, that cure is just about as bad as the disease.

I just did a search to find links to refer readers to plantian tincture…there really aren’t that many sources out there…but believe me, it works.

Plantain on

Plantain on