Yesterday I thought my world was falling apart. My family…then my work…which I love. By afternoon my co worker let me know that she had been thinking of quitting for long, long time…and the only reason she had stuck it out was a sense of loyalty to me an the organization.

See what stress does to you? You know, a lot of times I don’t have any self-confidence, but on the other hand I think I am the cause of things, bad things. How can a person think they have so much power and yet not think they are worth it?

Her timing was a little bad….

But then, there is never a good time to do some things.

I remember over 13 years ago when I wanted to leave a boyfriend…I couldn’t because it was Thanksgiving, then I couldn’t because it was Christmas, then I couldn’t because it was his birthday….then it was because…..

A friend of mine say, “No time, is a good time.”