Omette with whole wheat toast and herbal tea

Omette with whole wheat toast and herbal tea

Whole wheat pancakes

Whole wheat pancakes


I hope I can stay healthy.

I am under so much stress.

I forgot to take my supplements last night.

For breakfast I had coffee (I know I should cut it out), oatmeal and a banana.

For lunch we splurged at an organic restaurant. I had an omelet and whole wheat toast, with herbal tea. My daughter had a pancake with fruit in a cup. It was expensive, but we stayed for hours working on our computers.

Daughter need to get back home, but was worried about me so she “made” me go to the organic grocery store to buy a little food.

We got bananas, bison meant, an orange, ice-cream, energy chunks…and some organic soda.  I guess some of the food is really  “treats.”

When I got home I ate some bread and drank my soda.