Have your medications for mental health issues cured your problems?

Have your medications for mental health issues cured your problems?

Reprinted by the author’s permission

To people who want to take psychiatric medicine: no one is saying that you cannot do what you feel is best.

What the general public does not know is that for every two people who are helped by these meds, one person is not helped. In many cases this person is even made worse. That’s one third of the population. These persons are labeled “treatment resistant.” Meaning that the poor souls just can’t find a medicine that works on them.  The truth is that no medicine will work for them.

In many cases their episodes or illness worsens on these meds. Many doctors recommend they just keep trying new (expensive drugs.)

If you are in the “lucky” 2/3… good for you! But let’s let the public know that there are other ways to get well.

The real person from the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” did not get better until he realized that no med would ever help him. He continued to suffer from his illness, but he learned to cope with it without the meds.

Many of the mental health theories are just that, theories. They have not been proven.

I don’t doubt that the two mental health professionals who have spoken up here truly believe that their clients (patients) have been helped.  And I don’t just mean believe….but that these particular individuals truly have been helped. But what has happened is that too many people who are not helped are prescribed these medicines for the rest of their lives.

There is a silence minority of people who have weaned themselves off these meds. They use other methods. It is hard work. They eat organic food; they take specific supplements. The read, the get counseling, they get support in other ways.

They don’t go public because of the stigma. And because, like you say, there are those out there who do not mind their own business. So these people who are now living productive lives, live in fear that someone will find out that they have not gone the traditional route. Someone will not mind his or her own business… AND THIS IS WHERE POLITICS GETS INVOLVED. There are people who want to create laws to test the general public and then require certain people to take meds. There are doctors who will put the person right back on the med or up a low dosage until these people can no longer hold down a job. These doctors and others believe that it is not possible that people who have ever received a psych diagnosis can ever be better enough to quit there meds. They do not believe they can ever get well.

This doesn’t mean that people who don’t take the meds have a perfect life. They may still suffer from an” episode” from time to time.  But they are managing without the awful side effects of the meds.

Frequently, I hear about someone’s niece, or aunt or friend who life was turned around by psychiatric meds. What you don’t hear is the person who life was destroyed by psychiatric meds.

People taking the new psych drugs have a host of new physical illnesses.

There are other facts and figures I could cite. There are blogs written by people who have recovered and who are now doing amazing things.

Just remember; NEVER quit psych meds cold turkey. You will get sick.

For those who have adequate resources and support, there are alternatives to getting well.

If anyone wants I can supply you with links to explore alternatives way to cope with mental illnesses.

Two sites I recommend are Discover and Recover http://discoverandrecover.wordpress.com and

Beyond Meds http://bipolarblast.wordpress.com

By Carl L.