If you are a reader of this blog, you know that I am pretty much anti-medication. Well, three years ago during a check-up the “regular” doctor found out that my blood pressure was high. Since I am anti-med…I didn’t want to take any medicine. My alternative M.D. ….who has helped me wean of psych drugs….thought maybe it was stress. But I had no idea what the stress could be. He thought…”You’re job.”  “What job?!!” I asked. For I wasn’t working and didn’t want to.  Now I do have a cool part-time job.

But what I wonder about is: “Did all those psych meds I took for years cause this high blood pressure?  Is my high blood pressure genetic?  Or was it me trying to show the outside world how happy I was with my marriage…and trying to convince myself?”

You see, my dad did die at an early age….of several causes…but his heart was a big cause of it.

So, I told my “regular” M.D. about my history and distrust of pysch-meds.

His answer? “But those were pysch meds.”  That really turned me off. Because isn’t this mental illness business supposed to be a bonified psychical genetic illness?   Don’t “regular” meds have just as much room for error and selling by slick Big Pharma reps as psych drugs?

Well, I demanded that he give me a referral to a dietitian. I always thought I ate right, but through a visit with the dietitian I figured out that I really didn’t eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as I thought I did. It was one of those crazy type things….like paying to go to Weight Watchers is kinda “silly.” You pay someone to give you some common sense and weigh you. Well, with this dietitian I was paying for her to tell me eat fruits and vegetables, stay away from salt, canned and processed foods, write down what I eat.

I also started taking some supplements that are supposed to be good for the heart and good for reducing high blood pressure. And the other thing I did was to order the Resperate machine.

Well, people are still sleeping here and I am traveling so I need to cut to the chase. We have ill people in the family, I always have an excuse not to join Yoga, or do my Resperate machine, or whatever.

Whenever I can, I have a nurse take my blood pressure….and they always chid me, Saying, “You better get that taken care of or you’re going to have a stroke.”

For a while, I was able to bring it down naturally. But yesterday…..I thought I was lowing my mind. I knew I wasn’t, but my hubby was so worked that he was losing his. And a nurse for a family-member had taken my blood pressure the day before. The reading? 200/100!!!!

So, as I was walking down the organic food aisle of an unfamiliar grocery store….I thought….”Okay, you have “cured” yourself of mental illness, but you are under extreme stress nowadays….do let yourself die of a stroke….or ruin your kidneys, or enlarge your heart.”

So I drove to the emergency room. Who knows what it will cost me?  The nurse said, “Let’s just take it and if need be we will admit you as a hypertensive emergency.

The first nurse there took my blood pressure. On my right arm it was 229/129, on my left it was 215/139.

In the ER they hooked me up to an IV of Lebetatol. Finally after about 2 1/2 hours my blood pressure came down to 139/87.

The doctor sent me home with a prescription for Enalapril Malete and told me to make an appointment with a doctor when I arrived home.

I had reveiled to a nurse their that I didn’t care for my “regular” doctor in at my home. She said, just go to him get this prescription filled and search for a new one. There are lots of doctors. I am sure you will find one you like.”

Okay, people are now up in my family, so I need to go. If you want to know what supplements I tried….and how they worked for a while to bring my blood pressure down….let me know.

If you know good or bad about Enalpril Maleate, also let me know.

I need to sign off,

Naturgal…taking meds so she doesn’t have a stroke.