It sure is hard to stay within my values of good food and being kind to the environment while traveling and visiting….especially visiting relatives in medical facilities.
I didn’t pack my own lunches.

Two days ago I was out in the boonies and when I got to big small town…I stopped at a rare fast food joint to get something to eat…I wanted to have something in case of a blizzard.

Now I am at another remote big small town. I stopped a coffee shop to use the Internet…and get some good food. I had.. ta da….cranraisin- walnut salad and 1/2 cup of vegetarian chili and water. I am so proud of myself.

Well, I stalled too long. It will be dark before I get home.

I ate too many sweets this holiday…but not as bad as some years.

Poor cousin….he is eating voraciously. And people are bringing and leaving treats. He is on Zyprexa. The poor guy has gained 10 pounds in 9 days.

Last night, I suggested he take some of those treats for the coffee hour at church. By 9 p.m. he had eaten more.

It is hard to know when to say something and when to let him be.