Did you make any New Year’s resolution?

Yesterday I posted about my New Year’s resolutions: keeping track of papers, filing them, keeping my place organized and clean.

I was listening to a radio station today that said 80 percent of adults make New Year’s resolutions. And the top resolutions are losing weight, eating more healthy and spending more time with the family.

It goes without saying I’ve made resolutions in the past. And I kept them. They include weaning off of psych drugs, eating organic, and making my bed every morning.  The making the bed thing took me a whole year to do. It might seem like a little think, but getting up out of bed and making it right away make the whole day go much better…and you are not tempted to crawl back in.

I used to be a messie but I have used Flylady.net and the Organizer Lady to help me be more organized.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you have a specific plan with specific steps to implement your goals?

Post them in the comments section.