Well, I am having a hard time knowing what to post. Lots of stuff is going on in my life, but it is hard to know how transparent I should be.  I think the stigma is still out there. I may need to get a new, full-time job and I don’t want to hurt my chance for employment.

And even my chances to be respected by friends.  I have revealed some of my problems to friends..girlfriends…and their reaction has bothered me. Some have question my hubby’s mental health insinuating that if he is “mentally ill” that I should just leave him.  I don’t feel safe telling them…but I am “mentally ill”….so you ideas to drop him because if that possibility hurt me too.

ironically I have found my best support in a male friend. I have told him just about everything about my battle with labels, meds and the mental health industry.  I just know that I have to be careful about getting to close to this person because he is male. I don’t want to muddle things up.

I know some bloggers are very transparent and others are anonymous. I really would like to fill my readers in on the struggles I am having now. I do like writing and I like the feedback…and I hope that I can help someone else…I am just scared to say something that might come back to bite me…or my hubby.


Well, of course I am NOT mentally ill. And if you are reading this blog you probably understand why that hurts me so much to suggest that hubby is and that I should leave because of that.