I am back a Weight Watchers. I had reach goal a couple months ago…but with all the illnesses and family obligations…I didn’t go for a few weeks. With all the stress going on in my life I have been losing weight and I was almost at what I really want to be at. Weight Watchers actually let me put my weight goal up five pounds because I’m not 18 any more.

Well, last week, I GAINED 2.5 pounds!…but since I was losing form stress it put me right at goal.

I went a let nuts when I found some Christmas treats that a relative had brought and they had been hidden under a bunch of stuff in the pantry…so I got into them. Also I have gone out to eat quite a bit.

Hubby and I are separated so I have have been meeting him for lunch and supper, and I have laxed up a bit on my “all organic” stance so as not to insult him when he offers me something that he has made.

I want to stay at goal, so I need to be careful.