Well, we thought about skipping because we are so busy, but we did attend a meeting at a different time. I lost over 2 pounds and hubby stayed the same. He was disappointed. But I thought he did okay…Hey, he didn’t gain.

They talked about how important just coming to a meeting is…not skipping, not giving up. And that losing weight is a slooooow process. Like 2 pounds a week.

That made me think about the people in some of my email groups who are weaning off meds. Often times they get excited and try to wean off much too quickly. I have “seen” that happen a few times. Someone will be emailing about their struggles and you just know they are going too fast. And that most likely they will “crash and burn” and end up back on the meds.

Remember, slowly does it, and keep trying. If you don’t get off as fast as you would like…don’t worry. It isn’t failure…it is just feedback on what didn’t work.

Always keep a journal so you can look back on what you have done. That way you know what works and what doesn’t