I was so happy when my hubby volunteered to take “anger management” classes. He is pretty smart and does well in an academic setting. I am also attending the classes for the partners of these men.

Well, the other day we learned that they really aren’t “anger management” classes….they are men’s support group. When I heard this, I became worried. I am worried that my hubby won’t relate to the other men.  My hubby has never physically hurt me….but his words are verbally abusive and in October I became fearful of him.

The leader of the men’s group says it is about changing beliefs that cause the anger in the first place.

I don’t know if they have shown him the power and control wheel or not. This power and control wheel is used the world over.

My husband was more verbally abusive…not that often and not so overt that it was obvious. He didn’t call me names that you would automatically say are bad. But here is a list of how people can be verbally abusive. List of controlling behaviors.