ray-sanfordBut don’t stop the peaceful protest. At the least be a “mouse warrior”

Contact the Evangelical Lutheran Church of American

Read “No More Shocks for Ray” 


During this delay: How you may easily and peacefully protest Ray’s future forced electroshock from wherever you are.

Truly, it’s time for all of us Americans to make a friendly visit or phone call to your local ELCA church.  Given all the great and caring Lutherans I know, I feel it is highly likely there are individual participants who will be concerned, or who at least will not reply with sarcasm.

You may find a local church with this handy ELCA congregation finder on the web, just plug in your zip code:




Whether or not you do such outreach, remember to contact Bishop Hanson here:



Ray Sandford’s forced electroshock today was postponed today.

As has happened many times before, early this morning Ray was woken up in his assisted living home and escorted to a psychiatrist’s waiting room at Mercy Hospital north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As he often does, Ray complained about his physical health. In the past his complaint has not made a difference. This time it did.

A medical staff person told Ray his involuntary electroshock was canceled that morning, citing Ray’s physical health as the reason.

Ray returned home and called the MindFreedom office, saying, “It was a miracle. They were ready to go. I was sitting in the hallway where you wait. There’s a big picture of one of my former doctors on the wall that I was looking at. I was twiddling my thumbs. And someone came out and said, ‘Oh by the way you’re not going to get ECT today.’ As far as I am concerned that was a miracle. I was prepared for the worst. I am delighted.”

It’s not over yet, of course. Ray is supposed to have a check-up next week to see if his forced electroshocks may be rescheduled.