Have you kept up with your New Year’s resolutions?  I wrote about my resolutions here. 

Some say 80 percent of resolutions are not kept.

One resolution was to keep my place nice and orderly. Flylady says to keep all papers vertical. I(Actually I can’t remember if it is Flylady or Organizer Lady…she is at messie.com. )  Well, I am starting to get little piles of papers in about four spots. So I need to to force myself to file them, recycle or throw away.

Keeping papers vertical mean filing papers right away….giving them a home…right away. Only handling paper once.

I have fallen down on the job. I now have a few little piles of papers. Another problem people have is leaving things out because it is “in use”…the problem is people like me tend to be creative so when have lots of little projects going and lots of things are “in use” and they think “in use” means you don’t have to put it away. When I was moving into my studio apartment  I was using some tape for packing boxes. I always put it away even though I wasn’t done packing. Put once I didn’t…then I couldn’t find the roll of ttape…when you are moving, you tend to make a mess. 

So, today my goal is to file papers or toss them. For people like me, tossing things is difficult…of course we like to recycle. But I have so many interests that I want to keep things.

Keeping things organized reduces stress. When I decided I would move out…I was too scared to tell my hubby, but since I was organized it was easy to scoop up my important paperwork. I And if you are going to be reviewed….having your paperwork in order helps reduce stress…you have all the documents you need to prove your case.