Tonight I tried out another women’s group. I think I will like this group. It is a closed group, meaning people can not just join at any time, but at set times…like every couple months. That way there aren’t new people every time you meet. The whole thing is supposed to go for 6 months, once a week.

I like the way the leader moderates the group and she gives each member a three-ring binder  with group principles, participant responsibilities and facilitator responsibilities. Each week we get new sheets of paper with new concepts to discuss in group. We can add those to our books which have tabbed dividers. 

I feel that with a closed group we can develop relationships and trust with each other. There are some rules too…one of them is if you bring food you must bring enough to share with the whole group…and I was thinking of bringing an organic orange for myself…at 69 cents a piece, I don’t know that I want to bring oranges for 8 to 10 women each time.

I wish there was a similar type group for my hubby. I think he would like the structure and having something tangible to take home and read.