Last night hubby and I went to Weight Watchers. The leader talked about how important it is to keep track of what you eat so that you can use the feedback to see what worked and what didn’t work.

She then asked if there were other areas in our lives where we kept track of what we were doing so that we could use the feedback. (Scales are not our enemies, they are merely tools giving us feedback.) Checkbooks and financial books were one tracking system that many people use to stay on track. And when you don’t, you get into trouble. (Maybe why the United States is having the problems it has now…we weren’t really tracking what we were doing.)

Anyway, other examples given were: looking at the clock so you get get to places on time, watching your speedometer and looking at the calendar. I thought of a couple others. I like to look at my blog stats. It tells me what posts were popular and what people want to read. It helps me decide what to write about.

But the other thing which I think is really vital to keep track of is…the use of psych drugs. Especially when trying to wean off the drugs. I kept record of what I was doing when I weaned off the drugs. That way I had documented what was working for me…and what was causing a reaction or side effect.

When I helped my cousin who was going through an “elevated” (or manic)  mood  a couple years ago, I stayed with him and I wrote down every prescribed psychotropic and “prescribed” natural supplements that he took. I track his mood also. We saw the doctor together a couple times a week during this period. And I had a concrete tracking system to report back to the alternative M.D. as to what was working and what was not. (I also wrote down what he ate.) 

I am a member of a couple Internet support  groups. Many times someone will join a support e-group and say that they are weaning off psych drugs. But they get into problems when they don’t have a system for writing down the drugs, the doses,  and how they feel.  If people do write this stuff down, they can give you a concrete answer when you ask them more about what they have taken and for how many days.

Hubby and I both have stopped writing down what we ate….and we both gained. We can’t truly remember what it is that we ate that made us gain weight. It would be nice if we could because that would be feedback for us.

It is the same when you are weaning off of psych-drugs. Write it down. This causes a couple things to happen. You are more careful when you write down what you are doing and if you get into trouble with withdrawal symptoms, you can see what you have done to analyze how you might change.