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Buy the DVD and host a party in your home, church or community center.

Buy the DVD and host a party in your home, church or community center.

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I found this unique advertising campaign for Organic products.

There is lots of great information on this link Organic Its Worth It.

Remember, just because it is organic doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot of sugar or fat…so choose wisely.

Remember my Cliff Bar?


Howie Mandel is now a spokesman for adult ADHD.

Come on, do you think he would be as successful as he is now if he didn’t have ADHD….or if he had been “treated” as a child?

There is nothing wrong with Howie’ brain.

Read about it here Adult ADAD is Reall Howie’s story.

So tonight at my women’s group we talked about resentments. Of course my biggest resentment is what the mental health industry did to my self-esteem. They hurt me more than an a verbally abusive partner.  You can read that post here.

So anyway, the leader gave us an excercise on paper.  People were writing down their resentments so we could learn how to let go of them.  Of course I did not feel free to say outloud my biggest resentment since I keep my mental health diagnosis close to my chest.

Anyway, one of the women (participant) in the group works at a group home. She says everyone in the home has bipolar or schizophrenia. She likes her job. She mentioned that the biggest part of her job was talking to the clients and making sure that they got their meds and that they were managing their diabetes.

I bit my tongue when she talked about their diabetes. I am debating printing out some literature for her about psych meds and diabetes. But she is low level. She isn’t “The Decider” in any of this. And she has enough problems as it is.

I just don’t feel comfortable letting others know about my “real” self and the “resentments” I have.

We talked about actions you can talk to let go of your resentments. I think blogging has helped me.  I have had one of my dear friends tell me I am so anger. Yes, I was. I don’t think I am quite as angry as I was.

Gianna talks about her feeling toward her doctors quite a bit.

How do you feel about your doctors?

Do you resent them? Do you resent anyone?

I am curious to how your handle your feelings…..

Health for Us All: The Transformation of U.S. Healthcare

Health for Us All: The Transformation of U.S. Healthcare

Here is a press release: I thought you might be interested.

Doctors Handcuffed By Government on Natural Remedies

Expert Says Power Pharmaceutical Lobby Prevents Patients From Receiving Alternative Treatments

As medical research continues to confirm that many natural remedies to common and sometimes catastrophic illnesses are safe and effective, many physicians find themselves in an untenable dilemma.

While their Hippocratic Oath demands that they do no harm and are required to treat the patient in front of them regardless of the circumstances, they are prevented by law from recommending alternative natural therapies that may well help and even save many patients’ lives.

The cause is a series of restrictions placed on them, and promoted vigorously by pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose millions if patients are guided toward non-pharmaceutical cures, according to Dr. Mary Zennett, author of Health For Us All: The Transformation of U.S. Healthcare, Third Day Press ( She believes that we need to break the stranglehold placed on physicians, so that they can be true to their oath and help those patients for whom pharmaceuticals are not a solution.

As medical science begins to accept the idea that natural remedies can be as effective, if not more effective, than pharmaceuticals, it seems the gap between those treatments and the patients who need them widen, according to Dr. Zennett.

“Mainstream medicine may show considerable resistance; natural health followers are quite apprehensive about pharmaceuticals and the mainstream health care system as a whole,” she said. “Thus, we have two completely separate and distinct worlds of health care that rarely communicate and collaborate with each other. Yet patients are seeking this integration, from their doctors and from the health care system as a whole.”

Moreover, there are many patients who can’t take pharmaceuticals because the side effects are too strong, or because they are taking other medicines that don’t interact well together. In many cases, the use of natural remedies may represent the only relief they will ever feel from their symptoms.

“How can we claim to have the best healthcare in the world when so many patients have to do without, simply because a powerful special interest group – pharmaceutical companies – are able to strong-arm the government into preventing doctors from even talking about them?” Dr. Zennett asked. “It seems like shades of George Orwell’s 1984 when the government can control what honest professionals are even allowed to say. It needs to end.”

With the price of healthcare rising, and a strong push for healthcare reform moving through the oval office and Congress, there has never been a more conducive environment for the adoption of natural remedies into mainstream medical care, Dr. Zennett added.

“Skyrocketing  healthcare costs and shrinking federal reserves make wellness, prevention and natural health very appealing to legislators as US health care reform debates gear up for after the Presidential inauguration,” she said. “Bipartisan support of preventative medicine is favorable thus far, and is quite promising. Yet, competing interests and influences are positioned to threaten natural health inclusion in the US health care equation unless WE the people take a stand and make our voices heard.”

About Dr. Mary Zennett

Dr. Mary Zennet

Dr. Mary Zennet

Dr Mary Zennett, MD, MBA in Health Care Administration, has been a practicing psychiatrist of 22 years. Founder of National Alliance for Health Reform, she is committed to mobilizing a grassroots movement of citizens committed to patient centered, cost effective health reform that incorporates wellness and prevention. Mother of 2 young adult sons, she is committed to reforms that will improve quality of life for the next generations. Her motto is Patients First!

Well, I did go dancing with my husband on Saturday. It was fun.

On Sunday we went to see the movie, “He’s Just Not the Into You.” It is based on the best-selling book by the same name. See book here.  It is long, 2 hours 9 minutes. But we enjoyed it.

Did you see the movie and what did you think?

I found myself identifying with a couple of the characters. But I didn’ t tell my husband which those were. I identified with Scarlet Johansson’s character in that she continued to date a man that she just wasn’t that into. I also identified with the guy (Bradley Cooper) she was tempted with…. He said he married his wife because she pressured him. And when his told his wife that he had cheated, she still wanted to work it out. (I am not identifying with the cheating part.) I am identifying with dating or continuing to stay married to someone I am just not that into. Later his wife, Jennifer Connelly admitted that the two hadn’t had sex for months.

But when hubby and I went out for coffee after the movie and he flat out asked me what I thought of the movie, did I have the nerve to tell him the above? No. (Just like Scarlet continued to hang with  Kevin Connelly or Bradley Cooper continued to stay married to Jennifer Connolley.)

Actually hubby even brought up Scarlet’s  character and how when her boyfriend asked her to think about marriage she said she didn’t want to spent her life with him.

He then asked me about any blind dates I had had.

I told him about some and the duddy guys I had dated. He said he wished he would have had someone fix him up when he was a young man. I told him how one of our friends was ready to fix me up with someone new when she found out I had moved out.  She thought I was just ready to close the chapter with hubby and move on.

I can’t close this chapter. I am too scared. I don’t think I can make it without my hubby’s financial support. I don’t want to be alone and I am afraid of the stigma of my diagnoses.   But maybe he’s not that into me…maybe that is why he isn’t really that passionate with me….but he is the one that chased me. He is the one that pressured me for  a wedding date. So…I don’t know.

We were both so lonely. We both wanted a partner so bad.

In 2007, Americans consumed almost 5 billion pounds of seafood. Most seafood buyers, at many levels–importers, distributors, supermarkets, restaurants, and individual consumers–assume that the seafood they buy is what the seller claims it is. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes seafood products are mislabeled for financial gain–an activity called seafood fraud.

Read here


Ana gave me this award. I can not figure out how to get it on the side of my blog.

I am separated from my husband. He phoned and wanting to go swimming. I said I was too tired, but that a friend of me was teaching swing dance at her studio. Now we are going to take dancing lessons tonight in one hour.

Why am I doing this?

I don’t think I am really that strongly bonded to my husband. He did not have his wedding ring on after a surgery. I asked the hospital staff to look for it. They asked me to describe his wedding ring. I couldn’t do it. I could not remember if it was white gold or yellow gold. I knew it was just a simple band. I can tell you in detail what my first husband’s wedding band looked like.

I think we are both too scared to be alone, but not really that into each other.

I kinda am alone. Some days I don’t talk to another person are come out of my place. But I know hubby would help me if I needed it.

We went out to eat yesterday for supper.

I tell him most of my dreams and passions….except that I long to have a lover…..and I was hoping he would be that lover. I think psych drugs ruined his libido. And I just can’t imagine spending my life with a husband would really isn’t that into the bedroom.

I felt trapped. We both hate what psychiatriy has done to us.

Since I just posted that Ray wants his ETC to stop, I thought I would post this. She does a good job of explaining what it is like.

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