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Do you know the people who serve on the board of directors of Lutheran Social Services?  Contact them, tell them it is wrong to force someone to have treatment when he:

1. Doesn’t want the treatment

2. The treatment is making him worse

3. The treatment hurts and is ruining his quality of life.

4. The individual is not a harming himself or anyone else.

5. This is America. What is going on that we can force an individual to receive electric shock treatments?

6. His own mother, who as  retired nurse has given people electroshock treatment, is pleading for this painful, hurtful treatment of her son to stop.

Ask President Obama to Stop US Funding of Forced Electroshock!

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by David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International

Ray Sandford was woken up early again this Wednesday morning, 4 March 2009, in his basement room in a small assisted group home north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As has happened about 40 times before, Ray is escorted against his will and under court order the 15 miles north to Mercy Hospital. He is put under anesthesia, given another involuntary electroshock, and sent home.

Ray is not a criminal.

Ray is not violent.

Ray’s only offense is peacefully, clearly, repeatedly and reasonably saying “no” to his electroshock.

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Buzz Words vs. Reality

Today’s “modern” mental health system has a lot of buzz words:

Transformation. Empowerment. Recovery. Human rights. Self-determination. Alternatives. Peer-driven services. Trauma-informed care.

To read Ray’s FAQ, as well as a campaign blog, past alerts, and more, go through this gateway:

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Who Profits From Ray’s Forced Electroshock?

Lots of people, including the owner of Mercy Hospital, where Ray gets forced shock. This is the enormous medical corporation based in Minneapolis, Allina. MindFreedom’s Gloria Gervais investigates corruption charges against Allina here: