So tonight at my women’s group we talked about resentments. Of course my biggest resentment is what the mental health industry did to my self-esteem. They hurt me more than an a verbally abusive partner.  You can read that post here.

So anyway, the leader gave us an excercise on paper.  People were writing down their resentments so we could learn how to let go of them.  Of course I did not feel free to say outloud my biggest resentment since I keep my mental health diagnosis close to my chest.

Anyway, one of the women (participant) in the group works at a group home. She says everyone in the home has bipolar or schizophrenia. She likes her job. She mentioned that the biggest part of her job was talking to the clients and making sure that they got their meds and that they were managing their diabetes.

I bit my tongue when she talked about their diabetes. I am debating printing out some literature for her about psych meds and diabetes. But she is low level. She isn’t “The Decider” in any of this. And she has enough problems as it is.

I just don’t feel comfortable letting others know about my “real” self and the “resentments” I have.

We talked about actions you can talk to let go of your resentments. I think blogging has helped me.  I have had one of my dear friends tell me I am so anger. Yes, I was. I don’t think I am quite as angry as I was.

Gianna talks about her feeling toward her doctors quite a bit.

How do you feel about your doctors?

Do you resent them? Do you resent anyone?

I am curious to how your handle your feelings…..