I haven’t been blogging much about good food and supplements.
I have been reading Gianna’s and Mama Dharma’s blogs.  (I wish I could have blogged when I was a young mother. I was fine when I was with people, but anxiety ridden when I was alone.) I like what they both have to say about psych recovery and even using those very words.

I am feeling invalidated by my husband. I know it isn’t good. Social Security is reviewing me. I am searching for ways to make enough money to support myself without SS.

So last night when I saw him again I told him. “I tried to tell you my feelings and how hurt I was. You told me to ‘suck it up.'” He denied saying that I should, “Suck it up.”  He said the he said, “Don’t let it bother you.”  Hmmm….to me that is the same difference.

On Saturday I had imagined myself going over to his place and laying on the bed and having him rub my back saying, “There, there.”

Hey, I know it can get tiresome listening to someone complain about their hurt feelings, but then again I was really, really hurt. He didn’t hear me out.  I feel like I was verbally abused by one person. And then emotionally abused (or negated or ignored) by the person I went to for comfort.

Maybe that should be all I need to make my decision to leave him. Or maybe he meant “Don’t let it bother you it a positive affirming way.”

I looked in the newspaper for jobs. There is only one half page of jobs. It sure would be more economically secure to just stay with him.  I gotta finish paperwork for SS review.  Ug!

What are the rest of you out there doing for a living?