Lot’s of alternative mental health bloggers know that essential fatty acids are important for our mental health. I take usually take 3 capsules of fish oil every night. Currently I am taking Swanson EFA’s Superior Essential Fatty Acids. It is a combination of flax, borage, and fish.

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DHA and Depression-Studies from the Franklin Institute
Scientists at the National Institutes of Health associated the increase in depression in North America during the last century with the decline in consumption of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) during the same period.

They also pointed to lower rates of major depression in societies that consume large amounts of fish, a key dietary source of DHA. North American and European populations showed cumulative rates of depression 10 times greater than a Taiwanese population that consumed a lot of fish. The Japanese, whose diet is rich in fish, have a significantly lower prevalence of depression compared to North America and Europe.