Congratulations to my blogging friend Sue Westwind.  She is quoted in her local newspaper, the Lawrence Journal World, in a story about using natural ways to get and stay physically and mentally healthy. Sue has a blog named The Nutrient Path. She is also the author of Lunacy Lost.

Here is the story in her local newspaper

Experts to discuss natural keys to better physical, mental health

By Karrey Britt
April 27, 2009

Oskaloosa resident Sue Westwind said she suffered from depression and anxiety most of her life.

She began having migraines when she reached puberty. When she married, she wanted to have children but couldn’t. She adopted two baby girls, Natalya and Starra Zweygardt, who are about 11 months apart in age. By age 3, Natalya was diagnosed with autism.

Meanwhile, Westwind continued to suffer from depression. She had more migraines. She had symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and all-over joint pain.

“I was absolutely stressed out about autism, and my own health was terrible,” Westwind said. “I didn’t know if I was going to be able to take care of my kids and then it just kind of hit me, ‘Why don’t I try some of the nutritional strategies that I am working on with Natty?’”

At age 48, Westwind eliminated dairy and gluten from her diet.

Read the whole story here.