Darly Trones speaks at the May Day event at the Minnesota state capitol

Darly Trones speaks at the May Day event at the Minnesota state capitol

by David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA: For three hours today, several dozen participants successfully held a peaceful MindFreedom International protest of the ongoing forced electroshock of Ray Sandford, a 55-year-old resident of Columbia Heights, Minnesota. The loud protest was held directly inside the majestic Rotunda of the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul, Friday, 1 May 2009.

Speakers during a news conference, covered by both mainstream and alternative media, included myself (flying in from Oregon, thanks to donated air ticket by MFI member Darby Penney), plus:

  • Louise Bouta, long-time psychiatric rights activist and electroshock survivor.
  • Al Galves, PhD, psychologist, author, mental health consumer, and MindFreedom board member, from New Mexico.
  • Daryl Trones, mental health activist and father of a psychiatric survivor.
  • Janet Saugstad, author and psychiatric survivor of the Veteran’s Administration.
  • Amy Storbakken psychiatric survivor and promoter of alternative medicine for mental health.
  • John Wilson, a psychiatric survivor running for Mayor of Minneapolis.
  • Jennifer Padelford, representing the Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network of Minnesota, who spoke out about the need to hear the voice of mental health consumers/psychiatric survivors.
  • Louis Kayser, a MindFreedom member, drove for hours from Iowa to participate saying, “I have always wanted to be in a MindFreedom protest. I want to go to more protests!” Louis made signs for the event, videotaped the news conference, and even carpooled speakers back to their homes.

For a few photographs of the MindFreedom “May Day for Ray” protest inside the Minnesota Capitol Rotunda, click here: