So hubby and I went to see “The Soloist” last night.

We liked it. I think I caught onto some stuff that other people may not have caught.  I certainly understood why Nathaniel got angry when he read the word Schizophrenic in the paperwork Steve Lopez tried to get him to sign.

I caught that the main worker at the Lamp said that many of the people have had 16 diagnoses..and they didn’t help a bit.

But I wondered if the other people sitting in the theater caught on to why the Lamp worker didn’t want to push meds or why Nathaniel didn’t want to take them. That wasn’t really explored…at least I didn’t think so.

I also caught a headline about Scientologists beside the column Steve Lopez’ column.

You can read the original column Points West here.

I was excited to see that they are a part of Participant Media but I was disappointed to see that it links to a NAMI site. If you go to the website it has links of ways you can help homeless people.  Take Part or Participant Media has links to

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • The Nataniel Anthony Ayers Foundation
  • National Alliance to End Homelessness
  • Ocean Park Community Center
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • Help World USA
  • Lamp Community
  • Mental Health America
  • Covenant House
  • NARSAD Artworks
  • League of American Orchestras

Hey, maybe some of the alternative mental health groups should try to ally with links also! ?

I am not going to add all those urls in the list above…if you are curious click here.

Uggh!  I just read this on one of the links for tips on on to help:

Myth: Psychiatric disorders are not true medical illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. People who have a mental illness are just “crazy.”

Fact: The fact is that brain disorders, like heart disease or diabetes, are legitimate medical illnesses. Research shows there are genetic and biological causes for psychiatric disorders, and they can be treated effectively.

(If this is a fact…ask for a blood test, a tissue sample or a urine test. The doctor will tell you that there is none. Do you know of any other diseases that can not be proven?  When they can’t be proven they are know as syndromes. And the medical community admits they don’t have the answer.)

Tell you what…the movie is good….some other organizations are making hay with it.

It never, ever said mental illness was biochemical. The movie never ever said meds would help.

It said FRIENDSHIP and CONNECTEDNESS would help.